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#3- Making Friends as a Couple ft. Marley and Jarom Madsen

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

You’re a newlywed, married to your best friend. After the honeymoon phase, you and your spouse are ready to make friends as a couple, but where to start? Grace and Zach, with their good friends Marley and Jarom Madsen talk about how they meet new people, how they became friends, and what that’s like as a duo.

Making friends as a couple can be a rich, fulfilling experience. It’s like having a built in wingman (12:16)! But Marley points out that you don’t have to make all new friends after getting married (20:05), and it’s totally fine to have personal friends that you don’t necessarily “share” with your spouse. Setting clear boundaries and adjusting as needed is key to maintaining healthy relationships with your friends and spouse (30:17).

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