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#22 When One of You Has Been Married Before ft. Kaitlyn and Josh Jensen

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Zach hosts the show today, interviewing Josh and Kaitlyn Jensen on being in a marriage where one has been married before. Josh shares their first date(s) story (1:10) and Kaitlyn gives the timeline of her previous marriage (8:00). She describes the growth she experienced between her divorce and meeting Josh (9:50). 

They discuss how Kaitlyn’s divorce affected her and Josh while dating (17:50) and wedding-planning (22:30). Kaitlyn was conscious not to let the memory of her ex-husband taint things she still enjoys, and to be clear with her fiancé about her emotions and what was important to her. 

Next, Kaitlyn and Josh give advice on how to approach sex when one is a virgin and one is not (30:55). Then they talk about navigating the mention of her previous marriage, with each other (35:05) and family (41:45). Josh and Kaitlyn finish off the show with the heartfelt advice to avoid comparison and focus on your current relationship and love (49:40).

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