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#26 What If We Barely See Each Other?? Part 2 ft. Lauren and Dr. Jason Jensen, M.D.

This episode is the sequel to Grace and Zach’s discussion with Jason and Lauren Jensen on keeping up a strong marriage during a busy life.

Jason and Lauren find technology priceless, using texting to stay connected and Marco Polo to share little moments (3:10). Lauren has learned how to celebrate and creatively take advantage of time they have together rather than bemoaning time they don’t have. (4:30).

The two share ways they include Jason in their child’s life (5:50) and how they stay flexible and responsive to each other’s needs (6:40). Kind, humble communication is all the more important when you don’t have much time together (9:30). The difference between arguing and talking is clarified (15:20) and the importance of service is discussed (19:00). Jason and Lauren share the pivotal concept that each person’s effort at 100% looks different at different times (20:00).

The couple shares what they went through during Jason’s residency, including the death of Lauren’s brother Jeff. (23:00) Communicating his priorities to his work, Jason was completely there for Lauren (25:50). They then talk about moving to a new place (again) and exactly how Lauren quickly created a community of friends for herself (31:00).

Moving on to after their daughter was born, Jason shares his pain over missed time with Holly and his strategies on how to stay connected (33:30.) One strategy for strengthening family ties is taking “mini vacations,” going out of the house on days off and making memories (36:20). Jason confesses feelings of jealousy towards Lauren and describes how he deals with that (39:30). Love in action, communication, and intention are essentials for the busy couple.

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