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#25 What If We Barely See Each Other?? Part 1 ft. Lauren and Dr. Jason Jensen, M.D.

Jason and Lauren Jensen join Grace and Zach to share experiences and advice on having full schedules while maintaining a good relationship. Jason is in medical school and Lauren is a new mother, among other things. They first dated long distance (5:15), which helped them know how to respect each other’s schedules, prioritize, and connect without being physically present (12:30).

Lauren speaks of the need to find new purpose as life’s circumstances change (17:30). Jason notes the importance of crystal clear expectations and continuing to gauge how each person (and their expectations) change (27:50). Lauren acknowledges the difficulty of this kind of marriage (33:15) and validates emoting (36:45).

Detailed, advanced planning is essential to balancing each spouse’s obligations, expectations, and needs (56:00). Lauren and Jason find technology extremely helpful in staying intentionally connected (58:40).

The conversation takes a break here, to be continued on the show’s next episode!

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