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#31 Service and Body Image: the Holiday Editions

Grace and Zach settle down to have a conversation about serving as a couple and handling body image on Thanksgiving. They first talk about how serving together benefits your relationship. It’s a valuable gateway to meaningful connection (9:00), and prompts gratitude and humility (15:20). 

Then, they share a daily service opportunity provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the month of December (18:30). Details can be found at is also a fantastic resource and highly recommended. Grace talks about “giving machines,” which are part of the Light the World initiative (22:25). Their locations are listed here. She reminds us to not feel guilty if scripted service is one thing too many to put on the calendar this year (25:00). 

Grace next speaks to individuals with anxiety around Thanksgiving, specifically in relation to food (33:00). Her first piece of advice is to prepare a grounding, warm, grateful thought to come back to in moments of rising anxiety (34:30). Grace speaks of a common mindset to avoid, reminding us that our amazing existence should not be defined by a calculator (38:15). Eat like we normally would on Thanksgiving Day (40:10). Our number one priority on Thanksgiving Day and every day should be to be kind to ourselves; food will come and food will go, but we always live with ourselves (41:40). Grace gives advice on how to handle triggering table talk (50:15), and ends with the powerful reassurance that not every Thanksgiving has to be like this (51:20).

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