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#24 How Having Divorced Parents Can Impact Your Marriage ft. Marley and Jarom Madsen

Marley and Jarom Madsen return to the show to give their perspectives on how divorced parents can affect marriage. Marley’s parents divorced when she was five, and continued to struggle communicating and interacting with each other throughout her childhood (10:00). We’re reminded that a pair having a bad relationship does not make them bad individuals (12:10).

Marley recalls what dating was like for her (13:15), and then she and her husband describe her parents’ relationship today (17:15). They discuss how Jarom has been able to help the situation (23:25). Managing holidays are then discussed (31:50).

Next, Jarom and Marley open up about how the family divorce affects their relationship (40:00). Marley identifies her experiences as trauma for the first time (49:00). Jarom then describes how his mindset on divorce has changed (53:00). In closing, Marley shares how she went from seeing herself as incapable of healthy relationships to this loving marriage (58:00).

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