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#40 The Genius of Brene Brown

Grace and Zach sit down to share the definitions of Brené Brown’s most important concepts. They would not be married without the work of researcher Brené Brown PhD LMSW, so listen up! Zach celebrates that the show hit 10,000 listens this week (5:20), and they share their “We’re In It With Ya!” story about accessibility (7:30). PSA: Every definition discussed in today’s episode can be found at

The first words are the foundations of Brown’s work: “vulnerability” (17:20) and “shame” (19:00). Grace and Zach review them in the particular context of marriage. Next is “integrity,” which closely relates to “value” (23:40). Grace emphasizes the importance of practicing your values as a spouse, bringing you integrity. Brown has also defined “connection,” interestingly enough (28:10).

One of Grace’s favorite concepts is “true belonging” (31:40). She and Zach spend some time picking it apart and discussing how it looks in marriage. They then discuss Brown’s controversial definition of “love” (38:40), something Grace is also passionate about. Lastly, the créme de la créme, is “wholehearted living” (45:00).

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