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#39 Seven Essential Principles to Building Your Forever Together ft. Dr. Jeremy Boden, PhD LMFT

Dr. Jeremy Boden PhD, LMFT joins the show to share “The Most Comprehensive Online Marriage Preparation Program for Christian and LDS Couples.” The practical help his classes give students at Utah Valley University inspired him to make the concepts widely accessible (4:45). Dr. Boden explains why he is passionate about this timeframe for couples (9:45) and how he created the course (12:00). He emphasizes its goal of unifying couples (13:30).

His course offers eight modules with videos and “worksheets” (7:20). Grace clarifies what the worksheets are (18:30). The first module after the introductory one is about nurturing your faith as a couple (16:20). The second focuses on the importance of becoming your best self, (since happy and healthy individuals generally make happy and healthy couples) (22:45). The third principle is building and nurturing couple connections, which is more multifaceted than many people think (24:55). The next module covers the six foundational concepts of disconnection and repair—a critical skillset (27:40). Dr. Boden says, “Happy marriages are not about the lack of conflict, but the presence of consistent repair and positive connections.” Module 6 (and Principle 5) is this therapist’s speciality: how to start an amazing sex life after a life of abstinence (30:00). The second to last principle is managing finances as a team (33:30). The final principle focuses on stretching the principles and practices you’ve learned in the course throughout marriage (35:40).

The worth of this course and its cost are stunningly different (41:00). You can access the entire course forever for only $49 at Dr. Boden will continue to create courses so keep up with him at

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