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#37 Why What You Eat Before Pregnancy Matters ft. Ryann Kipping of @prenatalnutritionist

Today’s guest is Ryann Kipping, a clinically trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Lactation Educator, and author of The Feel-Good Pregnancy Cookbook. You can find her at and @prenatalnutritionist on Instagram.

Firstly, Ryann promotes conscious healthy eating long before pregnancy (7:00). Getting your body to maximum health before pregnancy stores the nutrition your body needs while it’s sick during (at least) the first trimester (9:50). Grace raves about Ryann’s simple, useful, affordable cookbook, which can be found here (12:00). Ryann also offers extensive 30-day meal plans (15:50). She has plans for each semester and those with specific diet needs.

Ryann then describes the P+ Method program (20:05). She made it to be an affordable, self-paced virtual program to replace sessions with Ryann herself. A link is here; enrollment opens January 30th and lasts about a week. Ryann is also offering a free five-day prenatal meal plan to listeners of the show!

Grace then asks what nutritious snacks our professional recommends (26:00), and whether caffeine is safe during pregnancy (29:30). is recommended to find out the caffeine content of your drink.

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