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#35 Getting Out of a Relationship Funk

Happy 2020! Today Grace brings you strategies on how to reconnect and get out of a relationship funk. Let’s get a good year going! Grace gives an update on her life (2:15). She and Zach have moved to San Diego and are enjoying being among family.

The first tip on how to reconnect is probably the most obvious—weekly date nights (6:20). Newlyweds may not feel this practice is important, but as life becomes more of a routine, connection should be a priority on the schedule. The next piece of advice is to create your own traditions (8:05). Third, meet weekly to talk about schedules, plans, logistics, and kids (9:45). This will allow couples to spend their date nights enjoying each other rather than discussing the domestic scene. Finally, one therapist recommended not complaining about your spouse on social media, and another even suggested having joint social media accounts (11:20). In talking about social media use, Grace recalls the need she felt early in her marriage for examples of happy couples with very different personalities. For those who feel the same need she recommends episode 16 of this podcast.

Next, Grace shares couples’ New Year’s resolutions from friends and family to give you more ideas on how to realign. (14:15) If your spouse is resistant to goal-setting in the New Year, episode 20 will be a treasure for your marriage (15:20). One couple wishes to be more spiritually aligned with studying scripture together (16:05). Kelbie from episode 2 and her husband are setting micro-goals to pay off specific debt while making sure to enjoy life (17:45). An elderly widower commented on the importance of balance between goal-setting, connecting, and personal growth (19:00). Meghan and Mickayeen from episode 16 set yearly intentions and bi-weekly meetings to check in on their progress (21:05). Another couple reward themselves upon reaching milestones (22:15).

Grace ends with a slew of ideas from other sources: record when you learn new things about each other (25:00), add a new couple to your social circle (25:25), take a risk together (25:40), write down memories of the last year (27:30), read and discuss a helpful book about relationships/marriage (28:50), choose a cause to volunteer for together (30:30), host a dinner party for other couples (31:25), break a bad habit together (33:00), commit to being spontaneous (33:15), monthly money talks (follow @ameskiefer on Instagram) (34:15), practice gratitude regularly (35:35).

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