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#18 How to Not Fight on Vacation and Wedding Disaster Would You Rather

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Grace and Zach Jensen sit down to give advice to any couples who may struggle during family vacations. (That is, if there are any but themselves–please let them know they’re not alone!)

Tip number one is to not take a vacation from preparation for your vacation; be sure to sit down before leaving, and review expectations and ways to support each other. (3:10) Grace and Zach each share more specific ways to prepare that they have found personally helpful. (3:55)

Next on the list is how to make sure it’s a vacation for both of you. (10:00) Both spouses describe what vacation means to them and how they’ve adjusted to ensure both enjoy themselves. Remember, your love buckets remaining filled significantly decreases the chances of tension and fighting. Grace and Zach are strong believers in making time specifically for each other–vacationing with your spouse as well as your family. (17:55) Over all, as Zach wisely puts it, making the happiness of your spouse a priority helps make you happier and promotes security and love in your relationship. (20:25) If you find fights happening regularly, as Grace and Zach once did, identify the pattern and sources. (22:35)

The show’s host then introduces something new: a game! Grace and Zach play Would You Rather: Disaster Wedding Edition, and have a blast. (25:00) Again, they’d love to hear your opinions, ideas for more games, and any crazy stories you have!*

*You can reach Grace and Zach through email:, through DM on Instagram: @thenewlywedshow, or Grace specifically on her Instagram: @gracewjensen.

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