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#30 Recognizing Trauma and Why You Need To ft. BeckyLynn Spotten

Grace’s guest today is BeckyLynn Spotten, a therapist specializing in trauma. BeckyLynn first defines trauma, and explains how it’s linked to our core beliefs about life and who we are (6:10). She uses an analogy to show why and how trauma continually affects us (8:10). She lists its many, varied symptoms (12:00). Grace encourages us to recognize trauma within ourselves, despite how uncomfortable or scary it can be (16:15). BeckyLynn invites us to explore our past with compassion and curiosity.

Next, our expert talks about what trauma can look like within marriage (18:30). Interestingly enough, we often remake childhood patterns in marriage (22:30). BeckyLynn also covers ways that trauma can cause marital discord (26:30).

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an old but only newly accepted and scientifically supported form of therapy to help retrain the brain and heal trauma. BeckyLynn uses EMDR in her practice and explains exactly what it is and how it helps clients (30:00). Our host Grace is a benefactor from EMDR therapy herself.

Finally, BeckyLynn answers how to stay healthy and helpful when you’re the spouse watching your partner relive trauma (42:10). This episode is a reminder that while trauma may be present in your marriage, you have so many tools to fix it. You are wounded, not defective. Remember compassion and curiosity.

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